About Kinship, Inc.

Kinship, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization which believes in and promotes the concept of youth mentoring. The National Kinship office exists to serve as a resource for established and emerging local Kinship affiliates. Currently, the Kinship Affiliate Network is made up of 19+ affiliates located in the upper Midwest, having established mentoring relationships for nearly 1,800 of today’s youth.

Our Core Values

The National Kinship Affiliate Members embraces the following values in order to provide quality mentoring services:

  • The quality of Kinship service and relationships is more important than the quantity. Our standards reflect the importance of careful screening, matching and follow-up support of program participants.

  • We support a grassroots approach to providing service. Building upon the strength of local communities is vital to the success of local Kinship affiliates.

  • Dedicated volunteers are essential to our operation. Kinship provides the structure and organization for them to effectively serve children.

  • Kinship staff and volunteers are qualified, motivated and committed to our mission.

  • We believe in inclusiveness and collaborative efforts which bring people together of different races and creeds.

  • Regular, long-term relationships with a variety of adults are critical to healthy child development.

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